Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fire & Ice

fire & ice
Created to illustrate a health feature on women seeking help for decreased libidos as they reach their 40s. A mixed media illustration featuring a 50/50 ratio of my own photography and supplied stock art.

I was asked  last week to take on an illustration for our upcoming issue of SD Health, a bi-yearly magazine that the newspaper puts out. I've been asked to contribute an illustration for every issue. So far, this is my favorite one.  I used some of the grunge textures that I started exploring with in 'Once there was a tree.' I had the benefit this time of having a complete story and even the copydesk's suggested headlines which spoke to women looking to re-ignite the sexual spark with their husbands. I created two lo-resolution sketches for my editor to choose from. The other had a woman holding a  lit match in the same scene which the editor felt was too literal and obvious. So this was the winner.

Eight photographs were used to create this image. 5 were mine, 3 (including the woman) were from our supplied stock account. Due to the time constraints I wasn't able to do a model search to photograph my own lead element.

The above group of photos are mine and I used them to create the background and the texture in the illustration. The photos below are stock photos.


John Nelson said...

wow, nicely done. That boggles my mind. I can barely put 2 and 2 together. My head just doesn't work that way. I'm glad yours does.

photogirl said...

Thank you John! I don't know why my head works this way... but I'm glad it does too! :)

KleoPatra said...

Such fab photos you took, especially the top one on the left and tree and blue sky on the right. BEAUTIFUL!

photogirl said...

Thanks Kleo!