Paul & Darlene {photos}

So, I wasn't feeling well last weekend when my good friend's Darlene and Paul were having their bayside wedding. The idea of carting around lenses and my Canon5D just didn't sound appealing despite my desire to document their nuptials. Besides, another good friend was already booked to be the official photographer. But I still wanted to shoot something as much for myself as for them. I pulled out my Canon Digital Elph and kept it on me while I put the finishing touches on the appetizers I was helping out with: two cheese platters with crostini and two big pitchers of Spanish sangria.

The funny thing is that now that I've been shooting mostly with my 5D for the last several months, I'd forgotten about shutter lag on point and shoots. It was driving me crazy! I wanted the shot when I wanted it not just past "the moment." Argh. But I'm still pleased.

I ran Michelle Black's Magic Vintage filter for consistent sepia toning.


Waiting for the bride.


"I see the bride!"


Here comes the bride!


Paul shot everyone a bit of a hairy eyeball when the officiant asked if there was anyone who had just cause why the couple shouldn't marry. Laughter ensued.




The Mr. & Mrs...


Up on the balcony for a quick look-see at all the guests finding seats and waiting for the grub.


  1. Love, love, love them! And it's just a point and shoot. Proves the point that it's not the equipment but the photographer that determines the quality of the shot.

    You are one talented photographer, jeweler, appetizer-maker and over all fantastic person. I'm so thankful to call you my friend.


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