Memories & Lighthouses


Point Loma Lighthouse, Cabrillo National Monument, Point Loma, California

When we were young, to give my mom a break from being home with all of us girls all day long, Dad would pile us into the car and take us for a drive. Sometimes it was just driving around downtown San Diego to count the "bums," er, to people watch or to Dairy Queen for a dipped cone. My favorite route was when we headed towards Cabrillo National Monument. I loved it there. When I was old enough to get my own car, I started doing the same thing. Driving that car, retracing those routes, I'd lose myself and I loved it. To this day, when I need a break, a chance to think, or feel like exploring, I get in my car and drive. And sometimes, I find myself back at that monument. And I feel closer to my my history.


  1. Love this lighthouse shot... and your post underneath. i get what you mean exactly.


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