Thursday, June 10, 2010

Piece of cake!

We recently had a story show up on our budget at the newspaper that was a wire story rating canned frosting and I was told that photos of the frosting existed but we needed a lead image. Well, when I first was told about it, I thought, "Awesome! An excuse to break in my new oven. I'll just bake a cake myself."

So I baked. I frosted. I shot. I took it in to work to share with co-workers.


But it was the wrong color. D'oh! The story, once it came in and I had a chance to read it was on comparing and rating canned VANILLA frosting. So…


I had to do it all over again the next evening. But this time, I shared my sweet with my family.

Unfortunately, since the story was wire, we don't have it up on our website. But here's a look at my finished designed page:


Until next time,

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