Tuesday, September 21, 2010

{ gardening } My first seedlings in years!

Two Sunday's ago, my friend Heather celebrated her birthday by hosting a Farm to Table party. She supplied the soil and seeds, we brought small containers to plant in. 


After a quick how-to, everyone headed outside to her awesome garden to plant.


Heather wrote out names of some of the seeds onto popsicle sticks for us to identify our plantings.

I planted snow peas. And just a mere nine days later, I have my first seedlings in years! 

I haven't had a yard to plant in for more than 12 years. And even now, I have a very limited cemented back patio. But I figured with peas, I can take advantage of height and plant upwards. So peas it was and I'm looking forward to transplanting them. 

In a few months, we'll be gathering again at Heather's house for a potluck with dishes made from our harvest.

Pretty cool, huh?



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