Monday, September 20, 2010

{ wine } I make a mean Sangria but in a pinch, this will do…

I love Sangria. The affair began with the mere idea of it growing up in a household where every family get together included the fruity, slightly bubbly beverage. Of course, my family didn't make it from scratch. They bought it in those huge 4 liter bottles and served it up 50/50 with 7UP and ice in the best crystal stemware we owned. The ritual of it always intrigued me and I was quite happy to finally be old enough to drink it once I was of age. 

Fast forward to my 30s and I began a quest to find the best homemade recipe. After several experimentations and tweaking of existing recipes, I came up with my own which you can find originally posted here (and added to here).

All summer I've been dying for Sangria and now that San Diego weather is really heating up with the coming Santana heatwave season, that desire has escalated. The problem with making it from scratch is that it is quantity. My recipe takes time to "marinate" and is enough for a a medium to large sized dinner party. Too much alcohol for one person for sure.

Bottled gold to the rescue
Last weekend while out grocery shopping at my local Henry's Marketplace, I came across Madria Sangria. On promo at $6.99 I thought, no way is this going to be any good but my curiosity got the better of me and I took it home. I finally opened it two days ago and last night, finished off the glassful.

As good as my sangria? No. A good stand-in? Oh yeah baby!

Henry's, here I come for another bottle. 


Darlene said...

I bought several bottles for our annual comic-con creators dinner I hold at our place this year. YUM! What a deal too!

The Gourmez said...

I quoted your thoughts on this wine on my blog today. As much as I was shocked to discover it, it's pretty good for a premixed Sangria.

afotogirl said...

@ the gourmez
thanks for including me in the round-up of thoughts... :)