{Life with a dog #21} The coffee bandit strikes again

There is little I crave more than a good cuppa joe. Anyone who knows me could tell you this.
Imagine my horror when I walked away to check the food on the stove and returned only to find Starbuck, up on the couch nose completely hidden inside my coffee cup. When she heard me re-enter, she lifted her head, looked me straight in the eye and smacked her lips.
How could I be upset? I knew exactly how she felt.


  1. Funny. My beloved cat eugene, once sat on my cappuccino, sort of like on a toilet. He had that expression you get when you lower yourself into a hot bath: "aaaahhhh, so relaxing." Yes, I had to wipe that foam from around his butt.

  2. Hahahahha. Love it! At least there was no butt-wiping in our incident. But I now know why sometimes I seem to go through my coffee faster than I think I am. LOL.


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