Friday, April 22, 2011

{ life } happy birthday to me

My sister Cat called me earlier this week to ask if I had plans for tonight. No, I didn't. Even though it's my birthday weekend. At 45 now, I really wasn't planning on celebrating. She said she and my sister Ellie wanted to do cocktails for me at my parents house.
I have an awesome family! Ellie and her girlfriend Nicole have spent the entire evening making all these yummy hor d'euorvers.
Yummy! And thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes.
Here's to another year! :)

Ellie wrapping the asparagus with Prosciutto. 
The spread coming together... Look at those adorable grape tomatoes! They are Nicole's mini capresses!
Ellie, tasting the Swiss and Gruy ère fondue she made. 

Deviled eggs. It's party time!
Liqueur soaked cherries, chocolate truffles and chocolate covered strawberries. Heaven!
OK, watch out Nicole! I'm totally stealing this idea. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these little capresse mouthfuls of joy.. Oh yeah, baby!
Roasted proscuitto wrapped asparagus. 'Nuff said. 
The main chef here - Nicole - as usual, caught making a funny face on camera. 
Beautiful Ellie! You and Nic outdid yourselves! Thank you!
This is another of Nicole's creations and I gotta say, another one for the stealing this recipe file. Sliced angel food cake,  pan toasted on one side IN BUTTER, one scoop of ice cream, fresh sliced strawberries and the pièce de résistance? A rich aged balsamic drizzled over the entire dessert. Yes. You read that right: Balsamic. As in vinegar. And let me just say, this was lick your plate good. 
Cat my love, thank you for organizing this evening. I had a great time y'all!


rox said...

Happy day to You ☺
Oh that food looks soooooo good !
what a wonderful gift to receive .
lol I turned 48 this yr and it was to funny I thought I was turning 49 how forgetful can I be I'd been telling people all yr long I was 48so what a bonus I get an extra yr now lol
thanks so much for sharing the yummy photos

afotogirl said...

Thank you Rox!

Gosh! I know what you mean. Without even realizing it, I started saying I was 45 a couple of months ago. I think I was trying to get used to the idea! LOL...