Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thirsty Girl is coming to San Diego: Get your discount code here and join the fun


On Thursday, May 26th, at Donovan's Circle of 5ths, you'll get the opportunity to mingle, mix and munch with the Thirsty Girl crew and have an opportunity to meet the head Thirsty Girl herself for wine and food tasting. 

What is Thirsty Girl, you ask? It's a community of like-minded Thirsty Girls who live life to the fullest and come together to share and inspire each other to follow their passion wherever it leads.

And who is a Thirsty Girl? In an interview with Ashley Lauren of Sacre Bleu Wine, founder and head Thirsty Girl, Leslie Sbrocco, explains:

"When life hands you lemons and you make lemonade … with vodka …you're a Thirsty Girl. Jump on a plane – or out of one – at a moment's notice? You're a Thirsty Girl. If fantasizing about celebrity chefs only results in gaining 10 pounds, you're a Thirsty Girl. Though Thirsty Girls crave libations and laughter, there's more here than meets the lips. We're a movement of like-minded women who thirst for fun, adventure and fulfillment.…"

The Head Thirsty Girl. Leslie is an award-winning author, speaker and Tasting Notes columnist for She's the host of Check Please! on PBS (which garnered her a James Beard award and three Emmy's). She is the co-founder of, the wine website of The New York Times and her work has appeared in numerous publications. 

Events. Passionate about sharing her adventures in food, travel and wine, Thirsty Girl hosts live wine-tasting events around the country. And they're headed here to San Diego.

The night will include a tasting of seven TG select wines paired with seven appetizers. And it's for a great cause. A portion of ticket sales will be donated to the San Diego Chapter of DRESS FOR SUCCESS

Discount. The gals over at Thirsty Girl are extending a discount for my readers. Head on over to and enter coupon code TGME to receive a $5 discount.

And when you have time, head over to the Thirsty Girl website and take a read at some of the articles on their Crave (eats & travel) or Quaff (sips to savor) blogs for a wealth of inspiration. 

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Thirsty Girl Live! Tasting in San Diego
Thursday, May 26th from 6-8pm
Donovan's 5th Circle

333 5TH AVE
PHONE (619) 906-4850 

And as they say over at Thirsty Girl: Life. Drink it up!*


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*A trademark of Thirsty Girl.

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