I love …

… experimenting in the kitchen, putting my twist on a classic dish or recreating culinary memories from childhood.

… cool evenings with family and friends sharing a meal, sipping libations, catching up on our week.

… wandering around our beautiful county, camera in hand, capturing life and beauty as I see it through my lens.

… the smell outside just before it starts to rain, the crispness in the air that signals the start of fall, all the wondrous color of spring and the long, warm days of summer.

… feeling the warmth of my puppy curled up and tucked into the small of back while we sleep and then waking up to her crawling up on my chest to give me morning kisses.

… the dank, musty, moldy smell of a century old wine cellar and crave just as much the earthy notes of coffee brewing.

… wandering through rows upon rows of books, breathing in their scent, feeling their bindings and paper in my hand.

… getting lost in a good book as much as a great movie.

… a creative journey that is filled with discovery where you wind up in a place that is not at all what you expected because it's better than you dared to imagine.

My name is Ani and I'm an awarding-winning photographer, food stylist and designer by day; daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, aunt, friend, fur baby mommy and all around creative being … always.

For as long as I can remember, our family gatherings have been food-centric. Dad used to cook for a living. A man of few words, his way of expressing love is by spending days preparing a meal that will be quickly and enthusiastically inhaled by us all. He taught Mom to cook, who then made the bulk of the nightly family meals modifying his recipes to her own tastes and creating several recipes of her own along the way. Each have their own way of cooking certain dishes and I love them all. 

As an adult, I've discovered the meditative properties of preparing meals, exploring recipes and creating my own. Entertaining and sharing my culinary adventures has become a passion that I love sharing with everyone I meet. This site is a labor of love. I hope you find something here – whether it's the stories and photos I share of my life and family, my soul-bearing confessions or the recipes I share – that speaks to you and adds a little positivity or inspiration to your life. 

So grab a cuppa joe or glass of wine, sit, read, get in the kitchen and join me while I share my life one breath, bite, click at a time.

Buen Provecho!

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