soñora {photos}

Balboa Park, San Diego, California

My gorgeous sister dancing...

Mom had made this costume for her ten years ago when my youngest sister was active in her school's dance troupe. We never got a photo of her in this particular dance. As a birthday gift to my mother, she searched my parent's attic for it, carefully laundered it and then asked if I'd photograph her in it.

My very bashful sister danced for 15 minutes in the park to music in her head... and as the crowd gathered around her to admire, I could just barely hear her, in sing-song..."This is for mom. This is for mom. Don't look at the people. This is for mom
A foreign exchange student who had never seen Ballet Folklorico before was mesmerized and when we broke for me to change cards, he shyly approached and asked my sister if he could have a photo taken with her. She blushed and said yes.

And mom cried when she opened her gift.


  1. Sweet. i remember this post on your other blog and thinking how interesting this must have been for onlookers...

  2. How beautiful!
    Your sister is gorgeous! When I was little (and now), wanted to do this.
    Well written!

  3. Ah yes.. I remember this one.
    You sure got a graceful sister. And someone is a good photographer. (~_^)

    Heh, saw the post before this one. Explains a few things. :]
    Still enjoy checking out whatever you choose to show the public from time to time.


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