Joanna and I went to Barrio Logan this past week. I've lived my whole life in San Diego and and I'd never gotten out of my car and explored Chicano Park.

I don't know what I expected. I'd grown up with a deeply rooted fear of the Barrio... a result of growing up in a time when gangs ruled our neighborhoods – their shenanigans making the 5 o'clock news almost nightly... But there were no beggars, no gang bangers, no one bothering us at all while we meandered around checking out the murals and basking in the beautifully warm San Diego weather.

There were plenty of homeless which was to be expected. But they kept to themselves. Some watching me as I lifted my camera to my eye.

I approached one woman sitting alone on a bench and in my broken Spanish asked if i could take her photo but she was very shy and really didn't want to have her photo taken. Which was a shame because she was wearing a black sombrero and a western style jacket, black jeans and she had the most incredibly textured face that obviously has seen better days.

So I left the folks alone since they graciously left us alone and I concentrated on shooting murals and architectural details.

The above is a single frame HDR image.