Blueberry Bread Pudding


Variations from a shoot on Friday. Writer put together the ingredients and handed off the unbaked bread pudding for me to bake at home where I could shoot with my own props at hand.

Now, problem number one: the thermostat on my oven broke a few months back and my landlady hasn't been able to get around to fixing it. I have a counter top convection oven so I really haven't missed it. Especially since I'm single and when I have need to bake something, I'm baking portions for one.

Problem number two: The baking dish the writer prepared the bread in was a full-size lasagna pan. Uh, too big for my small countertop convection.

Solution: Transfer the bread pudding to smaller, more manageable dishes. I took the pudding and transferred it to a pretty 10" round casserole dish and the left-over went into 4 ramekins to give me a variation to choose from in the final layout.

I wound up not particularly liking the shots of the pudding uncut in the pretty scalloped baking dish and opted for a slice and then the ramekins. I dug around for scrapping paper in various shades of pink and lavender and the dishware I pulled out of my collection.

This is for our Easter brunch menu publishing in two weeks.





  1. *swoons* *drools*

    Terrific photos!!!

    Way to fix a potential problem or two there, Ani.


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