Just got my new Moo regular-sized business cards today. Yay! I love 'em. I've been using the Moo Mini cards for more than a year now for redGem studio, my jewelry company. They make awesome jewelry tags. And I was excited when I found out that Moo was now offering full sized cards.

Being a visually creative person, the ability to use up to 50 different images in any one order of Moo cards is what I love most.  I am bored easily and the thought of committing to 500 (or even 250!) of one single photo image for an entire run has kept me from ordering cards in the past.  And the added bonus of being able to hand out the appropriate image to a potential new client is so convenient. So if I have someone interested in a product photographer, I can had them a card with a product image; someone interested in portrait photography would get a card with a portrait; a potential illustration client would get one with an illustration, etc. The back is the same on the entire order and you have a couple of fonts to choose from as well as being able to bold a line and include a logo or image. 

Like the mini cards I use, I ordered these cards on their standard smooth matte laminate. Imagine a business card made from the cover of a good quality soft-back coffee table book…the tactile feel of them is awesome and they just yell professionalism. They make a great first impression. 

They also have the cards available on green card stock that is 100% biodegradable. Apparently they have an additive that accelerates their de-comp for the more conscientious  folks out there. Personally, I prefer the laminate cards, especially as a professional photographer where you are selling the kind of photographer you'll be with your business card. And I'm all about details!


The back of the card can accommodate a logo and up to 12 lines of text. You have the option of going vertical or horizontal but the back remains the same for the entire run.

The set comes with a Moo designed heavy cardboard business card holder. It's like a little print portfolio. So cool. As my parents used to say when I was growing up, God is in the details. :)