Wine notes…

On a recent trip to BevMo's 5¢ sale, I picked up a couple of bottles to try out. So far, none have been a disappointment. Here's a list of what I've tried so far all of which I highly recommend:
  • Valley of the Moon 2007 Rosato di Sangiovese: Really awesome slightly chilled and served with grilled food. Strong strawberry aroma with a raspberry and pomegranate finish. Lovely!
  • Alderbrook 2003 Old Vine Zinfadel: This was actually not from my BevMo run. I picked this bottle up at my local Von's but have been unable to find it there again. Going onto the Alderbrook website, they don't even have the 2003 listed anymore as they are now selling the 2006. I'm going to send away for a bottle or two. It was that good. Wonderful black pepper spice and much richer and full bodied than most Zins I've had. I served it with grilled steak sandwiches and it stood up to the ribeyes wonderfully!
  • Schmitt Söhne 2007 Blue Riesling QbA imported from Longuich, Germany: This riesling has a beautiful bouquet of peaches and apples with a taste that delivers a crisp distinctive apple flavor. Love it as a sipping wine and with chicken and it pairs really well with non-tomato based pizza.
  • MontGras Reserva 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah: Oo-la-la did I love this wine! Imported from Chile, this blend is made with 60% Cab grapes and 40% Syrah. This wine has a blend of these two grape's best characteristics: Wonderfully plumy from the syrah and toasty vanilla oakiness from the cab. Perfect with pork and steak. I served it with freshly grilled Carne Asada tacos and they complimented each other superbly.
  • MacMurray Ranch 2007 Sonoma Coast Pinot Gris: As they say, this has a perfect round mouth feel: pears, white peaches, figs all come together to produce a full flavored, full bodied Pinot Gris that is one of the most satisfying pinot gris' I think I've ever had. I've always found this varietal to be a bit flat and nondescript. Not so this one! It's, in my opinion, the white counterpart to a good full bodied cab. Leaves a crisp clean finish. Yummy!
I have few more reds to explore over the next few weeks. And am really looking forward to diving into them. There is nothing like a great wine find! I hope these notes inspire you to go out and try a couple of them for yourself. If you do, feel free to send me a note and let me know how our tastes compare.

Until next time... Buen Provecho!