I don't do fish…But, uh, I'll do this one.


No recipe post today. Just sharing a, "Can you believe it?" moment since those folks who know me know I don't do fish.

Last Friday was the first Friday of Lent. I almost forgot! Argh!

I had spent the afternoon speaking with a group of first graders at one of the sites my educator auntie is in charge of. They are starting a photo project and she asked me to step in and chat with them about photography and share with them some of my work. It was a blast! So much energy. Enthusiasm. I pulled out my camera and they really went wild. I got some fun shots that I put on an online gallery for them to look at. Would love to share them but I took them for them so they'll have to remain private.

After the awesome talk, my aunties and I went to grab a bite to eat at Mimi's in Mission Valley. As we were looking over menus, I realized they were ordering fish and it hit me - Lent! 

So I took a chance and ordered my Auntie Syl's favorite beer battered fish. It's the Samuel Adams Beer Battered fish with slaw and fries. And much to my surprise... YUM! Fresh, not greasy, crunchy on the outside and light, non-fishy white meat. They use haddock, which I have never had before. I tend to stick to Rubio's fish tacos which are made from cod and the fish flavor is drowned out with all that salsa and guacamole. This beer battered fish needed no added condiments as the flavor was great by itself. And the portion was generous enough that I brought it home and had leftovers for lunch the next day with only a slight onset of that fish flavor I'm not a fan off. A little lemon took care of that though.

With my new discovery, giving up meat on Fridays for Lent might not be as hard as it has in the past.

Until next time...
Buen Provecho!