on toast for breakfast and finding something else to suck up my time

I don't watch much network TV because:
  1. I hate commercials.
  2. I am not a big fan of reality TV and it seems lately that the majority of television programming is nothing but reality TV.
  3. I am not particularly found of the sitcom. 
  4. After you weed out the above, there isn't much left.
There are a handful of shows I do watch regularly.
  1. Revolution
  2. Grey's Anatomy
  3. Castle (on 'On Demand' because it's against Revolution)
  4. Bones
  5. The Following
  6. Touched (cancelled for next season! boo-hoo!)
And on cable:
  1. Almost anything on the Food Network (well, that's a no-brainer)
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. TruBlood (can't wait for the new season!)
  4. The Newsroom (naturally, considering my day job)
  5. Homeland
  6. Falling Skies
I used to watch a lot of BBC America. The first show that got me watching BBC America? Hex. It starred the gorgeous Michael Fassbender before Americans really knew who Michael Fassbender was. It's filled with witches, ghosts, angels and demons and it all takes place at a rural English boarding school. I loved it.

Then it was Being Human -- until they had to kill off Mitchell because the actor (Aidan Turner) was contracted to start filming on The Hobbit. The chemistry of the original cast made the show for me. The new characters not so much. 

I was also hooked on Torchwood which, admittedly, took me a while to get into because of the campy alien makeup but I couldn't resist the charms of Captain Jack (played by the handsome John Barrowman) for long and I became an avid fan of the show. All off the air now. Since then, nothing has really caught my attention.

I used to watch a lot of SciFi, er, Syfy Network (Battlestar Galactica -- still on my list of all-time favorite series, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Eureka) but I'm baffled now by their decision to have WWE Smackdown on Fridays which used to be THE night for good SciFi programming. Their programming decisions since canceling well scripted shows and filling the slots with tons of reality TV has left a gapping hole in this SciFi fan's TV viewing diary. I tried watching the new show Defiance but it didn't feel new but rather more like a mishmash of so many other (better) shows that have come before it. I've yet to attempt Continuum. 

And so this brings me to my latest time-sucker – the one that's been keeping me from writing and cooking and shooting – watching TV shows on Amazon Prime. I used to watch Netflix but since I started having trouble with the iPhone App and my Blu-Ray can't seem to keep the network streaming properly, I switched over to taking advantage of my Prime membership on Amazon. 

I just finished Alias

Why did I not watch this the first time around? The writing was decent, Jennifer Garner played the part with a good balance between strong, smart and emotional and who knew? Bradley Cooper AND Michael Vartan? Mmm. Hmm. Yuppers. Loved that discovery.

Anyway, just finished the last of the show and I can get back to life. 

Or maybe not …

Now what to watch? Suggestions, anyone?

On toast, bruschetta, crostini, tartine – a rose by any other name is still a rose

Another obsession of late? Toast. Yes, toast. To be more specific: toast with yummy things on it. As in bruschetta, as in crostini, as in tartines or "fill in the blank" on toast. 

My go-to? Smashed avocado on whole wheat toast with just a pinch of kosher salt and a sprinkle of ground black pepper. It's an easy breakfast for work and now that I've been living with Grams, there's almost always a selection of avocados at home to choose from. 

When I'm home and have time, I'll go a little fancier like this gruyere and asparagus on leftover seed baguette. Oh yes. Yes, it was as d'lish as this photo makes it look. These didn't last long after I took their lovely mugs. 

Gruyere and Asparagus on Toast for One

I wanted to call this a "tartine" just cause I thought it sounded cooler but then I read that a tartine should be smeared with a creamy spread like goat cheese or gorgonzola or other soft cheese-like spread. So "on toast" it is. It also feels a little weird "writing" a recipe for this because it's so ridiculously simple. Feel free to use your favorite melty cheese or a different veggie or whatever leftover bread/baguette you have on hand.

2 slices of seed baguette, cut on the bias
2 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons grated gruyere
4 spears asparagus, trimmed to fit baguette slices
salt & pepper to taste

  1. Spread a tablespoon of butter onto each slice of bread. 
  2. Toast under a broiler or in a toaster oven until butter is melted and edges are just starting to golden. Remove from oven.
  3. Equally divide the cheese between both slices. 
  4. Place two spears of raw asparagus onto each slice.
  5. Toast until cheese has melted and asparagus is al dente, about 3-5 minutes. Enjoy!

Until next time my friends...
¡Buen Provecho!



  1. That looks absolutely, mouth-wateringly delicious! Yummm!
    Now, about your predicament...if you liked Alias, you may like Nikita or even Justified. I know...sounds wonky–country, but after MUCH hounding from a fellow TV addict, I watched the pilot...then the next five episodes in one sitting! I LOVE bad-a** Raylan Givens!! Both shows are on Amazon Prime, which I've just found and LUV!

    1. Thanks Marysue! I have not watched either of those. For sure, Justified is going on my list. I love Timothy Olyphant. Nikita I didn't watch the first time around because I liked the films it's based on so wasn't sure about the series but I will give it a whirl. :)

      Thank you for the suggestions! Have a great Memorial Day weekend.


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