Top 5 Recipe Posts of 2017

From how to cook tongue, to a primer on Chinese noodles, to a taste of Morocco, 2017 recipes on 'Confessions' reflected some of the many cultures that make up this great country of ours.

Happy New Year, friends! 

Well, 2017 wasn't as productive here on Confessions as I had originally planned. Not going to start the new year with negativity or regrets. Instead, lets focus on the positive, shall we? 

A new year brings a clean slate: 12 new chapters and 365 chances to do something you love, to grow, to share, to live in gratitude. 

With that said, here are last year's top 5 posts in case you missed one. Click on the titles to go to the recipes:


  1. Mmm the tagine recipe always makes me crave some. I need to get a pot one of these days!


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