5 Recipes to try for Lent

Looking for some fresh ideas for healthy dinners during Lent? I'm bringing you 5 recipes today.

The Lenten season is upon us and if you're Catholic and practice abstinence from meat on Fridays, then I'm here to help you with a few ideas. Click on the titles to go to the recipe.

1. Dad's Tuna Patties in Spanish Sauce

First up is a dish I grew up eating every year during Lent: Tuna Patties in Spanish Sauce. This is my Dad's recipe and it truly is a family favorite. Besides reminding me of my youth, it's a humble dish made with canned tuna and scented with classic Mexican flavors: tomato, onions, bell peppers, cilantro, and oregano.

2. Enfrijoladas

Speaking of humble dishes, I don't think it can get much more humble than this: warmed corn tortillas are dipped into soupy refried pinto beans, gently folded onto a plate and topped with cheese, your favorite salsa or fresh chiles and some Mexican crema or sour cream. Traditionally, enfrijoladas are made with a black bean sauce but our family never ate black beans. In fact, I didn't start eating them until I was an adult and started researching Mexican cuisine beyond what I grew up eating at my parent's or grandparent's tables. This recipe for enfrijoladas is how our family makes them and I admit, there are many a night I come home too tired to make a full dinner, choosing this five minute meal instead. 

3. Spicy Vegetarian Pozole

You'll have to skip past my review for Sun Basket on this link to get to the recipe but trust me, it's worth it. Sun Basket calls this Spicy Vegetarian Pozole but actually, it's vegan. Really though, the name doesn't matter. The important thing to know? It's absolutely delicious. Do I prefer the addition of pork like the pozole I grew up on? This carnivore can not lie – of course! But do I miss it in this warm bowl of soup? Not at all. It's worth giving this a whirl and seeing for yourself. 

4. Mexican Lentil Stew

One of my favorite ways to make lentils are as a soup and this recipe was born out of my desire for a nourishing bowl filled with healthy ingredients that was filling enough to be a meal all by itself. The addition of the soy chorizo adds tons of flavor and boosts the protein to a whopping 25g per serving. This Mexican Lentil Stew is quick, healthy, nutritious and packed with flavor. Not just great for Lent, it's also a good choice for Meatless Mondays because it's vegan, gluten-free and diabetic-friendly.

5. Easy Margarita Shrimp Tacos

Several years ago a friend of mine made grilled shrimp during an impromptu weekend gathering and they were so delicious. I'd tried shrimp many times before and had never taken a liking to it. But Lisa's tequila-lime grilled shrimp was so flavorful my tummy forgot that my head said 'we don't like shrimp.' This recipe is a play off of that original version with the main difference being the addition of the avocado corn salsa. Shrimp has a fairly neutral flavor so it’s the perfect canvas to highlight different spices. The tequila and lime in this preparation always makes me feel like I’m chillaxin' in Baja, enjoying sweet ocean breezes, sipping margaritas and taking in the local color. These Margarita Shrimp Tacos are super easy to prepare as the shrimp cooks quickly in a grill pan (or, if it's a nice night, on an outdoor grill). 

I'll be back next week with a new recipe. Until then … ¡Buen Provecho!

xo, ani